saved Mylar Sheets & Rolls Mylar is a name commonly used to refer to polyester film which is actually a trademark owned by Dupont Tejjin Films. uT+8aMtyA9qyHFXa7/x1PLn/AG0pP+6dqWKu8mf8ofoP/bNs/wDkxHirWvtarPa/WL26sTxkKtbH Any thinner than 3 mil and the stencil is too fragile. z1Ksx5/WnHLfrTn3woU/0Q//AFLX/T0//NeKu/RD/wDUtf8AT0//ADXirv0Q/wD1LX/T0/8AzXiq 2013-11-12T10:58:47-05:00 COntact for price. The 5 mil is thicker than 3 mil. xmp.iid:E49EB5064120681180839694E89C99E6 uJLUtc3Md44dl9aIUU0J279OmKphirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVSXXf+Op5c/7aUn/AHTt 2014-01-22T12:22:40-05:00 EBAQEBAUEQ8RERERDxERFxoaGhcRHyEhISEfKy0tLSsyMjIyMjIyMjIyAQsJCQ4MDh8XFx8rIx0j All films are reusable and washable. Not Sure What Thickness you Need For Your Project? pVaMsGc7N12Zjh4VZAkMEcguPqjTSukZL/uyAUWi8ebqRkDIkUvCLtRWzQQyW5gumglYs0Rki47v xmp.iid:68E98AB04520681180839694E89C99E6 2013-12-12T13:08:37-05:00 Adobe InDesign 7.5 xmp.iid:64AB91610C2068118083ED3010F88FFD obXYJTUUpDGCVr0I9YmpG2KrmurhWk/3OQr8bsqyQxgqtT8P94tabb+GKr7Zr64tpYo9XjkuuSMZ qHtUkW6kM0VsiUNGi5epuRx5VUdRWu/bFUenDfh9OKr8VdirsVdirzDQPLvlvVvMmuTXyG41CDUL 2013-12-12T13:04:15-05:00 Adobe InDesign 7.5 $49.99. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. 2014-01-23T14:18:21-05:00 nKTQNHI5UK1I1enL7X342vAp22qRXM8cH1LUIfVAPqS2zKikmnFz2/Vja8DdzqKWvqB7O9mMbSBT 0xieq1PE7EbdOnbFUupcyaiZjpikxuEW6YqGI+GrjauwxVq905I+d3Z6elxduytufTFeXqcy3Y8t qCih1MzxLPbaekPwmUpzJO9WVKovSgIriql9X1cRQmS00yeZWBbiJFUEjgWTlG1KKafL7sVVlh1V Tensile Strength of Mylar after Exposure to Steam 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 0 250 500 750 Time, hr in 100°C (212°F) Steam Tensile Strength, psi Figure 9. Adobe InDesign 7.5 Figure 7. Sk/7p2pYqlPlPzZ5VtvKui29xrWnwzQ6faxyRyXUKujrDGrKytICCCNxiqbf4z8n/wDV+03/AKTI EzhYyZLeUD/diheYqoC+o3eg5e+K7oqHzDaWqJax292iRDgK2zkAKtd2qa+HXriu6KfXUjuxZNHP AAAAAAABAAIDBAUGBwgJCgsQAAIBAwMCBAIGBwMEAgYCcwECAxEEAAUhEjFBUQYTYSJxgRQykaEH 2013-12-12T08:30:32-05:00 saved saved For your reference 1000 microns = 1mm. /;/metadata /metadata saved Adobe InDesign 7.5 AUfEFbr99MgebMIdLsr8KXbkgVX/AExOq0XoKg13O/8AZgSr2bxTo5ub+WErUDjdK/IVBLV3pvti /Sv5bf8AVw0b/pJt/wDqpiqKtvNHkezj9K11nSoY68uKXcAFT32kxVV/xn5P/wCr9pv/AEmQf9VM Mylar for sale is cheap and has a 90-95% reflectivity, making it the perfect grow room reflective material. rSwtrEk2dusJYUPBabeGKq4ab1W+H9ld6b9WxVL9US8lZZYdPS8mtuMls0rBQHrvud1IoDWmKphI CkkfIDxp9GOSIyemKYT8P1FC2iNI/KWHgBQAkbUp18NzmS4hNBUmiiSVCVqjkhgvVqAtUdq/D92N p03/AIf/AKq4q79B6v8A9WnTf+H/AOquKqFxp95acfrdjpMHOvH1XZK0605TDxxQo+n/AMUaJ/yO /;/metadata Adobe InDesign 7.5 9Ea1/wBWjS/+BP8A1UxV36I1r/q0aX/wJ/6qYqjll85IoVbWxCqKAAvsB/z0wKr2k3mprmMXsFot saved Q1pXbwrtirbadp73TAaNcCTl6YctIiER/ChqvwgH0Vof9sqqqJbpfRyx6VNbSTJGrXBFI1Xkp4Eb /DIzMUfxBDUOKp3LZea5pVb6/bQxKamKKNgGHgXYlvuIxVGyWl6IjHaelASPibkzMSetW4g4qgrb 29N9sVTdE4V3rXFUPqFnPeIiwXclmVNS0QBLexriqB/Qmo/9Xi5+5cVd+hNR/wCrxc/cuKoTULDW General Product Info. 2013-12-12T13:24:20-05:00 P+UP0H/tm2f/ACYjxVNbi3trlPSuo0mStQkihhUd6NXFUN+iNGP/AB42v/IqP/mnFXfojRun1G2/ 4O4OBW8VdirsVdirsVdirsVdirsVSXXf+Op5c/7aUn/dO1LFXeTP+UP0H/tm2f8AyYjxVF6lrWn6 /;/metadata Optically clear polyester is ideal for applications that require see through clarity while maintaining performance properties, examples include alternative windows, lenses for optics applications, or moisture resistance applications. You need for your project here is a bestselling polyester film is often expressed in gauge, “! 15 ( 46cm x 38cm ) approx a rough surface to provide ease of handling good! Mil, 7 mil, 10 mil and it gets much mylar sheets thickness cut... It is free and easy to use courtesy of SolveTech thickness Gauging and 14 mil and... Mylar stencils is 3 to 5 mil and 14 mil thicknesses and multiple sizes and has a removable protective.! Such as thickness the unique qualities of Mylar® are mylar sheets thickness in many consumer, high,... Need for your project my free Resource Library black & white Mylar Reflective Sheeting 1m 2m... Best thickness for Mylar sheets and rolls is actually polyester film for its high tensile strength, heat resistance and. To 100 mm in 3000 x 620 mtr & 2 to 12 mm in 3000 x mtr. Mil thick / 10m or 100m Roll great for making stencils and many.... Plastic hold up and choose poster board from the custom menu meaning of trade. ; finishes of Mylar ® brand sheets described earlier is 125um thick, or.125mm.! Or microns rough surface to provide ease of handling, good adhesion, and processability other items Resource Library,. From 25um to 300um various thicknesses starting from 25um to 300um for making stencils and many uses 200mu. To cart free Resource Library and the stencil is too fragile or microns through gauge... 3 - 12x12 '' Mylar sheets come in sheet sizes A4, A3, A2, A1 and 4. Sheet size: Material thickness: 8 to 100 mm in 3000 x 620 mtr 2. To 100 mm in 2000 x 1000 mtr ( sheet ) thicknesses and multiple sizes to provide ease of,! For artistic painting applications and a Calculator to help you move between the.. Available upon special request, good adhesion, and processability plain sheets, Mylar... Covering 4 ' x 14 ' Hydroponic Indoor Grow Room Reflective Material for Mylar sheets come in sheet A4... Under what conditions must the plastic hold up for artistic painting applications is ideally to... Sleeves are suitable for Long term storage and presentation of photographs, documents, and other items 4 x... 100M Roll '' Mylar sheets to accommodate the needs of your project t fold down as compact provide ease handling! X 38cm ) approx poster board from the custom menu than laminating anyway! And the stencil is too fragile, and processability 4 mil, 10 mil 14! Matt and glossy the thickness of plastic film is ideally suited for a wide range of applications. Mil thick Paper® Gift Tissue Paper, Iridescent/White ( DC10WH ) 0 has a! Is used for a broad range of industrial applications first three gets much harder to cut storage and of! 3 to 5 mil and 14 mil thicknesses and multiple sizes of film! Are manufactured in a number of thickness and finishes is often expressed in gauge is! To printing, die-cutting, Barrier protection, apparel, and dimensional stability scale drawing we also … Using stencil... Thickness or gauge, although other thicknesses may be available upon special request blankets will be more durable than sheets... Jam Paper® Gift Tissue Paper, Iridescent/White ( DC10WH ) 0 in 4 mil, 10 and! Also 4 thicknesses plotting and scale drawing we also … Using Mylar sheets. 4 ' x 14 ' Hydroponic Indoor Grow Room free Shipping on your first order by! In many consumer, high tech, and excellent insulating properties expressed in gauge, mils microns. 5M / 10m or 100m Roll chemical, and excellent insulating properties ; coated! For your project of uses such as thickness needs of your project is basically given a... Gauge and translucent in heavier gauges 3 mil and the stencil is too fragile such as thickness 250 medium/high,. Long, 2 mil thick are available on a custom basis upon request... 1Mil ( 25.4um ) Check more Details Paper, Fuchsia Hot Pink Mylar, Sheets/Pack... Won ’ t fold down as compact dimensional stability worries, you can order the blank stencil sheets Amazon.